Change the email address of an admin user after migration

Change the email address of an admin user after migration

Please follow the below steps:
  1. Sign in to your Site24x7 account
  2. Click My Account from the pull-down menu at the top right
  3. Click Change Email Address from the options given below
  4. You will be taken to 
  5. In the Zoho Accounts page, click ProfileEmail Address
  6. Your current sign-in email address will be displayed under Primary Email. Edit the Primary Email and enter the new log in the email address.
  7. Enter your current login password and click Update. Your user account email address will be changed with immediate effect and you can verify this by refreshing your client
  8. You will also receive a verification email to the new email address. Follow the instructions in the mail to verify your new email address
Please note that the verification mail after you change the log in an email address will be sent from Make sure you whitelist the same in your firewall policy.

After changing the email address, the current Site24x7 session will automatically terminate and you will need to login again using the new email address. 
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