Understanding AppFilters

How Appfilters work

The general role of Application filters in monitoring workflow is given below: 
  • When the .NET agent Windows service starts, it reads the appfilter.conf file and selects applications that need to be monitored. When the application starts, if it is not mentioned in appfilter.conf file the service will skip it from being included for monitoring.
  • Whenever a change is made in the configuration, the service reads the configuration files again to fetch the latest set of applications and their configurations.
  • When an application is added/removed, the respective app pool is recycled to start/avoid monitoring of the respective application. So adding/removing an application doesn't require a service restart or iisreset. 
Note: The APMInsight .NET Agent Configuration dialog is used to configure the sites and applications to be included for monitoring. The information is stored locally in the server in C:\ProgramData\DotNetAgent\appfilter.conf as a JSON dictionary.
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