Global Benchmark reporting

Global Benchmark reporting with multiple monitor types in monitor groups

Global Benchmark Report lets you quickly analyze and benchmark availability and response time trends of Websites, REST API endpoints, and REST API Transaction monitors for a selected time period. You can use this report to measure your various endpoints' availability or response time trends with metric aggregation of average or 95th percentile data and share it with your colleagues for your various business needs. Here are a few unique cases that are devised for proper benchmarking:
  • The average value from all the monitor types in the group, (i.e., all the three monitor types: Website, REST API, and REST API Transaction monitors) are used individually for calculating the metric aggregate values. Site24x7 does not split the averages from different monitor types and show in the GUI.
  • Say you've 10 monitors in a Monitor Group, Zylker during the last month. Out of these 10 monitors, five monitors were REST API monitors and the remaining five were Website monitors. Prior to report generation, you've removed all your REST API monitors from the Monitor Group. Hence, you only have five website monitors in the group now. If you try to generate a report for the past one month, the reporting engine will take into account the average values from all 10 monitors that were previously part of the monitor group.