Why GCP resources not discovered

Possible reasons why GCP resources are not added for monitoring in Site24x7

Please check for one or more of the below reasons:
  1. Discovery of the resource type has been disabled under Select the Resources for Monitoring section in Add/Edit GCP Monitor page in the Site24x7 portal.

  2. Exclude/Include GCP Resources using Labels/Tags option has been specified under Filter Resources section in Add/Edit GCP Monitor page in the Site24x7 portal.

  3. Insufficient roles to generate the key. Read this article to know the permissions required for GCP Monitoring.
  4. In certain cases, API access would have been disabled in Google Cloud projects for certain resources. For example, Cloud SQL admin API might have been disabled in the Google Cloud project, and hence Cloud SQL resources would not be discovered.
  5. Insufficient licensing in Site24x7 to discover the resources.
    Note: Each GCP service/resource monitor is considered one basic monitor.