MySQL monitoring FAQs

MySQL monitoring FAQs

Please find below some common FAQ's related to MySQL monitoring from Site24x7:

Does Site24x7 need write permission to access databases? 

No. Site24x7 needs SELECT permission for performance_schema, information_schema, and EXECUTE permission for sys database only. 

What performance data is collected by Site24x7 for monitoring MySQL servers? 

Site24x7 collects data for the performance metrics listed in the document for supported metrics for MySQL servers and supported metrics for MySQL databases.

How do you collect performance metrics for MySQL monitoring? 

Performance metrics are collected by connecting to the MySQL server with the user credentials given by the user, which has limited read-only access to the performance_schema, information_schema, and sys databases.  

Does the Site24x7 agent access databases other than performance_schema, information_schema, and sys?

No, Site24x7 does not have any access to the databases except performance_schema, information_schema, and sys. 

How do you connect with the MySQL server?

Site24x7 uses pymysql python module to create a connection with the MySQL server with user credentials given in the terminal console. 

Do you keep the MySQL connection open?

No. Site24x7 creates a connection to the MySQL server for collecting performance metrics. Once the data collection is complete, the connection created will be closed. 

Do you store the MySQL user password directly?

No. Site24x7 encrypts the password given. The username and password are encrypted in the agent for security reasons. They will not be saved or stored in the Site24x7 app servers.

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