SLA - Time Remaining field in Operations Dashboard

Explain the 'SLA - Time Remaining' field in the Operations Dashboard

Add a dashboard view and get an at-a-glance status of the uptime and performance of all your applications and servers from multiple locations. The SLA- Time Remaining field in the NOC dashboard conveys the time duration remaining for a monitor's SLA to be affected. 

Use Case:
Let's say you have an SLA of 95% for monitor A. The monitor has been down for 30 minutes and the SLA time remaining is shown as 7 hours. This indicates that the monitor A's SLA will remain unaffected for the next 7 hours maximum, beyond which the SLA thresholds will be violated.

Please note that the SLA Time Remaining data shown in the Operations Dashboard will only count on the Availability SLA limits. (We do not consider Response Time SLA and Composite SLAs). This is available only for the internet facing monitors. 

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