Effortless APM Insight .NET Agent Bulk Installation with ManageEngine Endpoint Central

APM Insight .NET agent bulk installation using ManageEngine Endpoint Central

You can install the APM Insight .NET agent on multiple machines at once by following the steps given below:
  1. Download the APM Insight .NET agent from the Site24x7 account.
  2. Log in to the ManageEngine Endpoint Central portal and click the Software Deployment tab.
  3. Click Add Packages (Windows).

  4. Provide the package details as given below.

    Package Name: APMInsightDotnetAgent
    Package Type: EXE/APPX/MSIEXEC/MSU
    License Type: Commercial
    Locate installable: Select Local Computer and upload the downloaded MSI file.

  5. Navigate to the Installation tab and enter the following command in the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments box.
    Note: The command can be customized as per your requirement by modifying the parameters.

    msiexec -i apminsight-dotnetagent.msi license.key=<YOUR_LICENSE_KEY> editconfig=false /log apm_install.log /quiet

  6. Click Add Packages.
  7. Now, navigate to the Configurations tab and click +Create Configuration (Windows).

  8. Provide the necessary information as given below.

    Name: Provide the configuration name as per your convenience.
    Operation Type: Install
    Package Name: Select the created package from the drop-down menu.

  9. In the Deployment Settings, enter the following details as given below.

    Apply Deployment Policy: Deploy any time at the earliest.
    Remote Office/Domain: As per your configuration in the infrastructure
    Filter Computers based on: Computer as <hostname>.
    Note: Please remember to uncheck the Retry this configuration on failed targets box.

  10. Click Deploy Immediately.

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