Plugin version for a plugin

Under what conditions should I change my plugin version?

A template contains the list of attributes to be monitored. If the user wants to add/modify/delete attributes, the plugin version needs to be changed to create a new template.

Working Principle:
When a plugin is created by the user, Site24x7 automatically creates a template for each version. When the version is changed, a new template is created. If the version number of a plugin matches an existing template, Site24x7 will use the existing template only (even if the plugin is on a different server). So it is recommended to use the same set of attributes for a specific version. This is the current behavior of the plugin and this is as per design.

Use Case:
A user has a plugin with version 1 for monitoring the disk utilization in two servers: A and B. The user monitors the different partitions in the disk namely C:, D: and E: in both the servers. Now the user wants to monitor a new third partition F: added only in server A. 

In this case, the user needs to update the plugin version for server A to include the new attribute to the existing template. The new plugin version will be 2 for server A and will remain as 1 for server B. 

Note: The plugin in server B will continue to monitor the partitions C:, D: and E: while the plugin in server A will now monitor C:, D:, E: and F:
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