Differences between monitor groups and tags.

What are the major differences between Monitor Groups and Tags

Monitor Groups


A Monitor Group helps in logically grouping resources, and provides a business perspective of the resources. It can be used for:

  • Filtering monitors in the Home tab - Monitor Status Page.

  • Filtering monitors in Configuration Rules and Bulk Action.

  • Visualizing your infrastructure in Business View.

  • Restricting access to resources for non-admin users.

  • Filtering monitors for various features such as Scheduled Maintenance, Mute Alerts, etc.

  • Filtering resources in Reports, Scheduled Reports, and Public Reports.

  • Grouping resources hierarchically by creating subgroups, which can better organize resources. 

  • Controlling the alerts of dependent monitors. 




By using Tags to label your monitors, you can ensure better organization of monitoring resources and better searchability. Tags can be used to:

  • Filter any set of monitors dynamically in the Home tab - Monitor Status Page, Configuration Rules, and Bulk Action.

  • Aid in the discovery of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) monitors.

  • Associate third-party integrations to resources with specific Tags.

  • Be used for filtering resources in Reports, Scheduled Reports, and Public Reports.

All you need to know about Monitor Groups and Tags.