Dependency modules for Oracle plugin

Installation of the dependency modules for Oracle plugin if you have Centos/RHEL OS

To use the Oracle plugin, ensure the following modules are installed to connect to the Oracle database:
  1. oracle-instantclient-basic-linux
  2. oracle-instantclient-sdk-linux
  3. cx_Oracle - Python Interface for Oracle Database
Follow the below steps for Centos/RHEL based OS:
  1. Download oracle instantclient rpm from oracle official website -
    Note: If you are using Oracle version 10, go with Oracle Instantclient Version
  2. Move the downloaded rpm to "/tmp" folder.
  3. Execute the below commands:
    cd /tmp
    rpm -ivh <downloaded rpm name>
    sudo yum install libaio
  4. Add Oracle client to library path.
    cd /etc/
    sudo vi oracle.conf
    Add the text "/usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib" to the end of the file.
    Note: Make sure that this path exists. Path will change based on the instant client version downloaded in Step 1. If "oracle.conf" file is not present, create that file and then add the text.
  5. Install dependency repo
    sudo yum install epel-release
    sudo yum install gcc python-pip.noarch python-devel
  6. Install cx_Oracle python library
    sudo pip install cx_Oracle
    Note: If "pip" is not installed already, install pip using command
    sudo yum install python-pip
Once the modules are installed, download and install the latest version of the Site24x7 Linux monitoring agent and the plugin files. Learn more.

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