Analyze JavaScript Source Maps

Decode JavaScript files using source maps

In general, when your source code has gone through multiple transformations, it is difficult to debug. In such cases, you can generate a source map - a source map maps the transformed source with the original.  This enables you to reconstruct the original source, making it easier to debug. Learn more about source maps here.

You can generate source maps using uglifyjs or webpack

Generate source maps using uglifyjs:

uglifyjs [source files] \ 
-o yourjsfile.min.js \ 
--source-map \ 
--source-map-include-sources \ 
-c -m

Generate source maps using webpack:

devtool: 'source-map', 
output: { 
path: path.join(__dirname, 'dist'), 
filename: '[name].js', 
sourceMapFilename: '[name]', 

You can import the generated source maps in Site24x7 RUM to analyze the corresponding stack trace. Learn more
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