VMware datastore monitoring and associated ESX/ESXi hosts

VMware datastore monitoring and associated ESX/ESXi hosts

While monitoring VMware datastores, Site24x7 displays the number of VMware ESX/ESXi hosts associated with that datastore. This number denotes the number of associated hosts that are monitored by Site24x7 and are enabled with VMware datastore monitoring.

A datastore could be associated with multiple ESX/ESXi hosts, but users might not have added all of them for monitoring when using Site24x7.

The result?
There could be a mismatch in the number of ESX/ESXi hosts actually associated with a datastore and the number displayed on the web client. Monitoring datastores would be incomplete without the actual count of the associated hosts. Space split-up, snapshots size, and other metrics will be calculated based on hosts monitored by Site24x7 only. This may lead to a discrepancy, as the datastore might be associated with some other hosts as well.

It is always recommended that you add all the ESX/ESXi hosts associated with a datastore for monitoring. Follow these steps to enable datastore monitoring for your ESX/ESXi hosts.

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