Convert Site24x7 Evaluation account into MSP Edition

Converting Site24x7 Evaluation account into MSP Edition

MSP Edition lets you manage your customers' IT stack efficiently with our secure, scalable, and affordable monitoring suite for MSPs and CSPs. White label your monitoring platform and reports with a custom name, logo, and URL so that you can promote your brand, and customers can identify with it. You can enable MSP Edition by following the steps listed below:
  1. Login to Site24x7 web client.
  2. Navigate to Admin > User & Alert Management  > Users & Alerts . Click the MSP Edition link on the top right of the dashboard.

  3. A new page will be displayed, where you'll be provided a button to enable MSP Edition.

  4. Click the Enable MSP button to confirm migration of your Site24x7 account permanently to MSP Edition.
    Upon clicking the button, the migration process will be initiated. Migration takes at least a few seconds to complete. Once you've enabled the MSP Edition, you can't revert back to regular Site24x7 account.