Why is the connection attempted count greater than the maximum connection count of my MySQL database?

Why is the connection attempted count greater than the maximum connection count of my MySQL database?

The reason for the count of attempted connections being different from the maximum connections is because the Connections Attempted metric is different from the actual successful connections made.

  1. Connections Attempted comprises the number of connection attempts made to the MySQL server, including all the failed and successful connection attempts made to the MySQL database.
  2. Maximum Connections is the defined maximum number of connections allowed for the MySQL database.
  3. Threads Connected are the actual successful connections made to the MySQL database.

So, h
ow can you track the exact connections made to your MySQL database?

You can achieve this by configuring Threads Connected under the threshold profile.

  1. From your Site24x7 account, navigate to Database > the respective monitor > click the hamburger icon > Edit.

  2. Click the pencil  icon near Threshold and Availability and provide the required value under Threads Connected.

  3. ‚ÄčClick Save.

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