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  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Page Speed (Browser)
  • Web Transaction Monitoring
  • Web Transaction (Browser)
  • SSL/TLS Certificate

QuestionsWebsite MonitoringWebpage Speed (Browser)
Web Transaction Monitoring
Web Transaction (Browser) Monitoring
SSL/TLS CertificateDNS Server
What does it Monitor?Invokes HTTP/HTTPS request and checks the availability and performance of your web server from global locations. Monitors HTTP/HTTPS access, DNS resolve time, first byte and throughputUses a real browser, (Mozilla Firefox) to check full page load time of your website from global locations
Monitor the availability and performance of multi-step web transactions, such as online shopping cartMonitor the availability and performance of multi-step web transactions, such as online shopping cart using a real browserChecks expiry of SSL/TLS certificate and proper HTTPS handshakeTests if your DNS Server is resolving properly simulating a real DNS query as configured
Ideal for MonitoringIdeal to make sure website is up with minimum overheadIdeal to analyze how the website page loads from an end user prespectiveIdeal to monitor web application response time. Can be tested more frequenty as it applies lesser load on target application (No JS, CSS, scripts are loaded)Ideal for monitoring web applications that contain form fillings and AJAX contentSSL certificates of a domainIdeal for checking DNS servers for performance and outages
How does it Monitor?Invokes server side code (Java) to monitor the website pageLoads full web page and all elements like HTML, CSS, JS, third party scripts in a real browserMonitors via server side programs. Actual rendering of a web page does not occur. Cookies and other session are handled automaticallyMonitors via real browser Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Actual rendering of the web page takes place. Cookies and other session are handled by the browserGroups all the SSL certificates linked with a HTTPS server and validates the SSL/TLS Certificate if its expired or notInitiates a full DNS query and compares the IP returned by the DNS server to a pre-configured set
What is analyzed?Server response timeLoad times of all components of a web page are analyzedServer response time of the web application sequence. Only HTML content of the requests are analyzedMulti-step Web Applications. All components of the web reseponse are loaded including CSS, images, links loaded from third party websites and AJAX requestsSSL/TLS CertificateDNS resolve time for a domain
Metrics capturedSupports response time split-up based on DNS time, connection time, first byte time, last byte time and average valueWaterfall model of how the components are loaded. Response time of sub domains or other domains used. IPs, breakup of requests by domains, type of elements are capturedResponse time of the actual HTML content is only consideredResponse time of the webpage which includes CSS, images, links loaded from third party websites etc.Domain expiryResponse time of the DNS server
Do the Site24x7 monitor support internet / intranet?Internet and Intranet (via On Premise Poller) InternetInternet and Intranet (via On Premise Poller)Internet Internet-
Do you support HTTP & HTTPS?YesYesYesYesOnly HTTPS-
Monitor TypeBasic monitorAdvanced monitorAdvanced monitorAdvanced monitorBasic monitorBasic monitor
What is the check frequency supported by the monitor?1 minute15 minutes5 minutes5 minutesOnce in a day1 minute