Common HTTP response codes and definitions

Common HTTP response codes and their definitions

HTTP Error Codes:

Error codes will help you identify the reason why your website is reported 'down' by Site24x7. Below table gives a fair idea about different HTTP error codes, corresponding reason and World Wide Web Consortium definitions for each error code.

           Error Code
               Read Timeout
A connection was successfully established with the server and a request was raised. But the response to the request wasn't received even after 30 seconds. 
               Too many Re-directions
The request got redirected for more than 10 times.
               SSL Connection Error
SSL connection to the server failed.
               Bad File Request
Syntax used in the request (URL) is incorrect
Authorization required. Happens usually when a wrong password is entered.
               Forbidden/Access Denied
Server denies a particular request usually due to restricted access permissions set up on its directories.
               Page/ File Not Found
Server cannot find the requested URL.

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