Checking WMI reachability

Checking WMI reachability

To check WMI reachability

  1. From your On-Premise Poller installed Windows machine, go to Start > Run > wbemtest.exe and run it as an administrator.
  2. In the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester screen, click Connect.

  3. Enter the following in the Connect screen:
    1. NameSpace: Enter \\{target Host_Name\IP}\root\cimv2
      Enter your IP address in place of target Host_Name\IP.
    2. Credentials: Enter the Username and Password of the target server.

  4. If WMI connects, the credentials are correct for the given target server. 
  5. If it fails to connect, check if:
    1. WMI is running.
    2. The credentials are right.
    3. The ports are allowed in the firewall. 
    4. The target server is reachable from the Windows machine that you are connecting from.

To query a particular WMI table

  1. Under Wbem Services, click the Query button.
  2. In the query text box, enter any WMI query. 
    e.g. select * from win32_OperatingSystem 

  3. Click Apply.
  4. This will open a query result window. This window will display the instances of the query result. 

  5. Click a returned instance to display the output of the query.