Site24x7 Monitor Names

Amendments to Site24x7 Monitor Names

We've recently renamed a few of our Monitors to help keep in sync with the current IT and DevOps trends. The new monitor names are designed to correctly resonate with the IT & DevOps crowd. We've made necessary changes in the Web client, Help Documentation, Knowledge Base, PageTips, Emails, and any other customer-facing articles to reflect the same.

Old Name of Monitor
New Name of Monitor
Internet Services
Internet Service Monitoring
Website Monitor
Web Page Analyzer
Web Page Speed (Browser)
Website Defacement Monitor
Website Defacement
SSL Certificate Monitor
SSL / TLS Certificate
Domain Expiry Monitor
Domain Expiry
REST API Monitor
SOAP Monitor
SOAP Web Service
DNS Monitor
DNS Server
Port Monitor
Port (Custom Protocol)
Mail Server RTT
Mail Delivery
POP Service Monitor
POP Server
SMTP Service Monitor
SMTP Server
Ping Monitor
FTP Service Monitor
FTP Server
FTP RTT Monitor
FTP Transfer
Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Web Application (Real Browser)
Web Transaction (Browser)
Web Application (Real Browser) - Import Selenium Script
Web Transaction (Browser) - Selenium WebDriver
Web Application
Web Transaction
REST API Sequence
REST API Transaction
Web API Monitoring
REST API Transaction
SOAP Web Service