Assign role-based access to your sub-users

Restrict sub user access to certain functions inside my Site24x7 account

You can give role-based access to your sub-users. The roles and permissions can be defined at the stage of adding a sub-user.

Navigate to Admin > User Management Users > Add User and specify access to different functions based on their role.

The different functions that can be delegated to sub-users are listed below.

Role NamePermissions
No AccessNo access to the Site24x7 Client / API
AdminAdministrators will have write access to the most of the modules except Billing and User Access
Operator Operator will have read only access to most of the module. Will have write access to Schedule a maintenance
Billing ContactUser will have access only to Billing modules like Upgrade and Renewals
SpokespersonUser will have read access to all the modules. User will have permission to post public comments through Dashboards
Hosting ProviderUser will have permission to configure Schedule maintenance

To learn more on the different user roles and related access permissions, refer here

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