Rename APM Insight application

Can an already specified application name be renamed?

No, an application name already created cannot be renamed.
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    • Mention APM Insight application name as a JVM argument

      To mention APM Insight application name in JVM parameters, kindly add the following line to the arguments This will override the value specified in apminsight.conf file. Example: In Windows, set ...
    • How to rename an APM Insight application?

      Site24x7 APM Insight doesn't support renaming applications/monitors from the web client. However, the application name of an existing application instance can be renamed in the apminsight.conf file and the agent associated with that instance will ...
    • Can we group more than one instance under an application name?

      Yes, you can group more than one instance under an application name while deploying the agent in application server.  To enable this, specify the same application name for the key ''.
    • How can I change my current organization name?

      If you'd like to change your company name—for instance, from Zylker to Vtitan—follow the below steps: Log in to Site24x7. Navigate to My Account > Change Organization Name. On clicking Change Organization Name, you will be redirected to Zoho ...
    • How to monitor an intranet application using RUM?

      To monitor an intranet application using RUM, follow the below steps: Check if you are behind a proxy server or firewall to ensure no connectivity issues exist between your browser and Site24x7's servers. In case of connectivity issues, enable the ...