Excluding elements from the web page speed (Browser) check

Can I exclude a particular element from the web page speed (Browser) check

You can't exclude a particular element in a page from a web page speed (Browser) check. However, you can exclude all elements from a Domain by having that domain in the block domain list. If you enable Site24x7 to send you alerts for broken objects, alerts would be sent out to all broken objects instead. By blocking domains during the check, web page speed (Browser) will exclude the requests sent to the specific domain during the check.

Use case:

I am monitoring www.xyz.com and the favicon is under www.xyz.com/favicon.ico. I've already included this in the Block Domains list, but still Site24x7 sends me a favicon error. Why?

This is because the Block domain is specific to domains alone and not elements. Currently, Site24x7 doesn't exclude specific elements from the web page speed (Browser) check.