Set the frequency of monitoring reports

Choose the frequency of my monitoring reports

The frequency of monitoring reports can be configured under Admin > Report Settings > Scheduled Reports > Schedule Report
In the Schedule Report page, you can define the following activities:
  • Give a display name for your report
  • Choose the report type
  • Choose a single monitor or a group of monitors for which the report needs to be scheduled
  • Choose the report format (HTML, PDF, CSV)
  • Frequency of the mail (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly): 
      If the frequency chosen is Daily, then the data from the last 24 hours will be included in the report. 
      If the frequency chosen is Weekly,  then the data from the last 7 days will be included in the report.
      If the frequency chosen is Monthly, then the data from the last month will be included in the report.
      If the frequency chosen is Quarterly, then the data from last 3 months will be included in the report.       
  • Time of the report mail
  • Email address to which the scheduled report needs to be sent
  • Click Submit to save your settings and schedule your report
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