Associate configuration profiles during agent installation

Can I associate configuration profiles to my Linux/Windows server monitor while installing the Linux/Windows agent?

Yes, a user can associate threshold, resource, notification profiles and group/display name during the initial phase of agent installation via command line arguments, rather than creating profiles in the Site24x7 web client.

Let us consider a simple use case to explain this feature:

A user already uses Site24x7 for monitoring 3 servers. The same account also has the following configuration profiles mapped to the installed servers: 

  • Threshold and Availability Profile: Threshold1
  • Resource Profile: Resource Profile 1
  • Notification Profile: NotificationProfile1
  • Group Names: Server Monitor, Server

Now, the user wishes to add 10 more servers to the same account. Instead of going to the web client to map these profiles to the newly installed servers, the user can do so while installing the agent itself. After downloading the zipped file (Windows)/running the installation commands (Linux), run these command in the path where the downloaded file is present:

msiexec.exe /i Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi EDITA1=<Device Key> ENABLESILENT=YES REBOOT=ReallySuppress DN="Windows Server" TP=Threshold1 RP="Resource Profile 1" NP=NotificationProfile1 GN=Server /qn

./Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i -key=06bb765a221c269ba0f9a1ebc22ad259 -dn='Linux Server' -gn=Server -tp=Threshold1 -np=NotificationProfile1 rp='Resource Profile 1'

The agent will be installed and the profiles will be mapped to the server. The user can view/edit the threshold profiles in the web client by either navigating to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold and Availability (or) Server > click on the server monitor > Action icon > Edit Configuration Profiles   

Note: Ensure you use double quotes while mentioning the configuration profiles with space. For Linux, we support both single and double quotes.

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