Notify on cron script failures

Can I be notified on cron script failures in the ping URL itself?

Yes, if a failure occurs inside the script and you want to be notified with a status change (Down, Trouble, Critical) in the cron monitor, use the new "/event" endpoint.
  1. To mark the cron monitor as Trouble:
    "<apikey>/<monitor name>/event?status=2&msg=some message or reason"
  2. To mark the cron monitor as Down:
    "<apikey>/<monitor name>/event?status=0&msg=some message or reason"
  3. To mark the cron monitor as Critical:
    "<apikey>/<monitor name>/event?status=3&msg=some message or reason"
Once the script fails, you will also get email alerts for the monitor status change with the error reason that you send in the "msg" param. The "/event" endpoint will send the email alerts.

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