Bulk actions for server monitoring

What are the bulk actions supported for server monitoring?

The following bulk actions can be done for server monitors and Windows/Linux applications:
  1. Modify Threshold Profile
  2. Modify Notification Profile
  3. Modify Server Resource Check Profile
  4. Modify User Alert Groups
  5. Modify Check Frequency
  6. Modify Plugin Execution Timeout
  7. Modify IT Automations
  8. Upgrade Server Monitor Agents
  9. Modify Server Syslog/Event Log Preference
  10. Modify Plugin to enable alert when data is not received
  11. Modify Plugin wait time to alert if alert is enabled
  12. Re-Register Plugins across servers
  13. Suppress Container Alerts
  14. Auto Discover Containers
  15. Rediscover Server Applications
  16. Delete, Suspend, and Activate Monitors
  17. Associate with Tags
  18. Associate and Dissociate with/from Monitor Groups