Assigning Org Admin roles using Zoho Directory

Setting up Zoho Directory and assigning Org Admin roles

  1. Setting up Zoho Directory for your organization
  2. Providing the Org Admin role to a user
  3. Converting an Org Admin to a user

Setting up Zoho Directory for your organization
Learn how to set up a Zoho Directory account for your organization.

Providing the Org Admin role to a user:

 Org Admins are the primary account holders of the Zoho Organization account.
  1. Log in to the Zoho Directory. If you have integrated with Site24x7, all your existing users will be auto imported. Hence, you can skip step 2.
  2. Click on Admin Panel > Users > Add User. Provide details like Basic Information, Company Information, Locale Information, and Additional Information in the form that opens. Then click Add.
  3. Navigate to Admins and choose the user to be assigned the Org Admin role. Then click Assign.
    Adding Org users
Converting an Org Admin to a user:
  1.  Navigate to the Admins tab in Zoho Directory.
  2.  Hover over the Org Admin you wish to change to a user.
  3.  Click Unassign.
    Unassigning admin role

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