Troubleshoot No Data message | APM Insight .NET agent

APM Insight monitor is UP, but monitor page doesn't show any data

The APM Insight monitor status corresponds to the respective .NET agent's service status i.e., as long as the .NET agent service is running, the monitor status will be UP (starting with .NET agent version 2.6.2). 

It is possible that the application being monitored doesn't have any transactions in the selected time window. In such cases,
  1. Perform some transactions and check after some time or 
  2. Change the time window to choose the date when the agent last reported data. By default, last 30 days of data can be viewed for APM Insight applications. 
If the respective application is replaced/renamed/moved in the IIS server, a new monitor instance might have been added and the old monitor would have no data to report. If that's the case, kindly suspend (if historical data is required) or delete the monitor. 

Since the applications are mapped to their respective IIS paths, any change to the physical path of the application will require an update to the App Filters.

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