Amount of bandwidth consumed for monitoring VMware resources

Amount of bandwidth consumed for monitoring VMware resources

Learn the minimum bandwidth usage when monitoring VMware resources, both between your On-Premise Poller and the VMware environment and between your On-Premise Poller and Site24x7.

Bandwidth consumption depends on the number of resources in the environment. For example, in an environment consisting of one vCenter, two ESXi hosts, 25 virtual machines, two datastores, two snapshots, and two clusters, a single polling between vSphere and the On-Premise Poller will consume approximately 25MB.
Between the On-Premise Poller and Site24x7, the bandwidth consumption is around 5MB every five minutes.

Please refer to the table below to find the estimated bandwidth usage for the environment mentioned in the example above:

Monitor type
Bandwidth consumed (per resource)
Virtual machine

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