Get to know more about Hourly Pricing

Get to know more about Hourly Billing

Minimum amount for purchasing Hourly Billing

Based on the value of the currency you have opted for, you will be charged a minimum fixed amount on a monthly basis for the monitors under the Hourly Billing option.
    • USD, JPY, AUD, SGD, EUR, GBP, and CNY have a minimum value of one unit.

    • The minimum value for INR is Rs. 46.

 Adding Non-Hourly Billing monitors after enabling Hourly Billing

The Hourly Billing option is activated when your license limit has exhausted. But what if you haven't exceeded your license limit, and you wish to add an Hourly Billing monitor

In that case, the number of monitors that are added under Hourly Billing will be included under your license as long as they don't exceed the license limit. Example: Your license limit is 100 monitors and you have 96 non-Hourly Billing monitors. When you add four new Hourly Billing monitors, they will be included in your license.

When you add new non-Hourly Billing monitors, they will replace the Hourly Billing monitors, and the Hourly Billing monitors will be moved out of the license limit.

Disabling Hourly Billing

1) Disabling Hourly Billing for Normal Plans

 If the Hourly Billing option is disabled, monitors beyond the current license limit will be suspended.
2) Disabling Hourly Billing for Business Units 
 If the Hourly Pricing option is disabled for BU, the Hourly Billing monitors beyond the allotment limit of each team will be suspended
‚Äč3) Disabling Hourly Billing for MSPs
If you're disabling the Hourly Billing option for a particular customer, those Hourly Billing monitors that are above the license limit of the MSP Admin, under that customer will be suspended(recently added Hourly Billing monitors will be suspended first).

Upgrading or downgrading

Upgrading or downgrading your account will not affect the Hourly Billing monitor usage calculation, as the calculation is based on the license limit of the pack to which you have upgraded or downgraded. 

When you downgrade your account, the monitors that don't support Hourly Billing beyond your license limit will be suspended. 

What happens during account termination?

If you wish to terminate your account before the monitors under Hourly Billing are charged for their monthly usage, the Hourly Billing monitor usage will be calculated and you will be billed through Payments.

  • When the payment is submitted, you will be allowed to terminate your account using the normal termination process.

  • If the Hourly Billing-related payment fails, you will be provided with an error message prompting you to try again. In this case, please contact for further assistance.

 APM Instance

Once you purchase an APM Host License, APM Instance will stop supporting Hourly Pricing.

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