How frequently does the AppLogs agent upload logs

How frequently does the AppLogs agent upload logs

The AppLogs agent will upload logs every 30 seconds or as soon as 40MB of logs have been collected, whichever comes first.
For instance, writing access logs can sometimes take a while because they are written every time a user accesses the application. Although there's a slight chance of writing 40MB of these logs before 30 seconds, it's more likely that the agent will upload logs every 30 seconds. 
If there are any tasks or event logs, it may write log lines more quickly, meaning there's a good chance that 40MB of logs will be generated in less than 30 seconds. If this is the case, the agent will begin uploading as soon as it reaches 40MB of logs rather than waiting for 30 seconds.
You cannot configure the log interval settings. Also, note that the log upload interval applies to individual log types. 

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