Troubleshooting Java agent installation errors in JBoss

After adding Javaagent in JBoss, server does not start. It throws JBoss logger exception. How do I resolve it?

Some versions of JBoss servers (both AS & EAP) throws JBoss logger exception such as the one shown below:
Caused by: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: JBAS011592: The logging subsystem requires the log manager to be org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager. The subsystem has not be initialized and cannot be used. To use JBoss Log Manager you must add the system property "java.util.logging.manager" and set it to "org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager"
In most cases, this exception occurs when the server is running on Java version 6. To overcome this, add the following parameters to JVM arguments of JBoss servers:
  1. Modify the value of system property "jboss.modules.system.pkgs" to "org.jboss.byteman,com.manageengine,org.jboss.logmanager"
  2. Add the arguments "-Djava.util.logging.manager=org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager -Xbootclasspath/p:<JBOSS_HOME>/<path_to_jboss-logmanager_jar>/jboss-logmanager-<version>.jar"
Note: Please modify the jboss-logmanager jar name and path accordingly in above argument, as it varies for different versions of JBoss

These changes can be done in JBOSS_HOME/bin/ file for standalone servers and JBOSS_HOME/domain/configuration/host.xml file for servers in domain setup

Restart your JBoss server for the changes to take effect.