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What is synthetic monitoring, and how can it help you?

Imagine that you own a flight booking site that helps people book flights along with a hotel at the destination. A user has signed up on your site and is trying to book a flight. Halfway through the process, the user gets stuck at the payment stage and isn't able to proceed. This repeats with multiple users from a specific location, and you only learn this very late after a handful of customers react to it on public platforms, leaving your reputation tarnished and bringing a huge financial loss. How will you solve it now, and how can you ensure that you become aware of future issues before they hit your end users?

To retain your business revenue and build better digital resilience, you can seek refuge in a tool that helps you experience your performance by putting you in your customers' shoes. Synthetic monitoring can help you obtain visibility into your workflows, page performance, and user experience.

Watch our webinar to learn more about how synthetic monitoring can aid you and how Site24x7's synthetic monitoring tool can help you fix and fine-tune various issues related to page performance.

Happy monitoring!