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Site24x7 StatusIQ Product Roadmap for 2023

As we advance through 2023, we are pleased to announce that StatusIQ is on track with its promised features for the year.

Third-Party Components 
You can add third-party components to your status page to reflect the current conditions of your external services. StatusIQ notifies you of the status of the components added, making it easier for you to monitor your services efficiently. 

Simple and Advanced email customization 
With this feature, you can choose either the Simple email customization option for limited edits, or you can opt for Advanced customization to also personalize the subject and body of the email. 

Moving ahead, here's what our 2023 StatusIQ roadmap looks like:  

Custom HTML, CSS, and JS
We are set to release the Custom HTML, CSS, and JS soon. You will be able to customize the layout of your public status page by injecting your own custom HTML, CSS, and JS using this feature. We are currently in the final stages of testing and these will be available for general availability in a month.

SAML private pages 
Use SAML private pages to keep your employees informed of the service incident communications and statuses within the organization by authenticating recipients using existing SSO credentials. This enables your employees to automatically login to the status page with your organization's login credentials.

Integration with alerting and ticketing tools
StatusIQ also allows you to integrate with alerting services (Zoho Cliq, Twitter, and Slack), and various Zoho ticketing and desk tools, including ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand and Zoho Desk. 

Enhanced status history section
Users will now be able to view the status history and the percentage of uptime for 30 days or 90 days. Previously, one week's status history could be displayed.

Migration support 
We will provide support for your migration process from other status page providers to StatusIQ. More details to follow.

We welcome feedback on our existing capabilities, and greatly appreciate relevant feature requests and suggestions. You are welcome to offer requests by clicking the Raise a Request button in the top-right corner of the Third-Party Components page. 

Thank you for choosing StatusIQ. We look forward to an amazing year with you!