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Processing IO status of a medical instrument using REST API


I am an intern at a medical precision instrument manufacturing company. I was researching tools that allowed Remote monitoring, repair, and maintenance of medical machines running on Linux. The main goal was to reduce downtime. That's how I found Site24x7. Hope I can find the answer here.

My question is, Can Site24x7 be used to retrieve and process specific information such as I/O status using REST API. By processing I mean checking relationship between I/O status and error occurrence. For example, When we see the frequency of sensor x switching increase, the likelihood of error y appearing increases, and repairs are needed to module z. 

Such information is needed from a medical machine that is running on Linux with Site24x7 agent installed on it using REST API. Presume 
the instrument has already implemented an API call that returns the state of the IO's within the instrument. 

I personally believed it might be possible through REST API transaction monitoring as from what I understood Site24x7 
allows extracting and saving data from the API response, so I believe it should be able to retrieve and process specific information, such as IO status or any other relevant data.

Thank you for your help in advance.