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Monitor the performance of your MySQL database servers

Configure MySQL plugin to monitor the performance metrics of your MySQL database. Use these key indicators to ensure continuous functioning of your MySQL database. Take informed troubleshooting decisions by keeping track of critical metrics including:
  • Connection Usage
  • Slow Queries
  • Reads/Writes
  • Aborted Connections
  • Threads Connected
  • Maximum Used Connections
  • Aborted Clients
  • Open Files
  • Running Threads
  • Temporary Threads Created

Also, monitor the metrics of tables in a MySQL database using the MySql table monitoring plugin. Get the following metrics:
  • The average length of data present in the table
  • The average row length of the table
  • The maximum length of the data present in the table
  • The average index length required for the table
  • The number of rows present in the table at that time

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