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Optimizing SQL performance: A unified view through the Insight dashboard

Site24x7 has extended its Microsoft SQL Server monitoring with in-depth insight into slow and expensive queries, wait stats, and the workloads of your database with the all-new MS SQL Server Insight monitoring
You can now get a centralized view of your MS SQL Server environment from a single and unique dashboard. 

Key Features:
  • The Insight dashboard offers a unified perspective of the query metrics, making it simple to recognize and resolve performance problems or interruptions promptly.
  • Get a complete overview of all queries on your MS SQL server instantly.
  • Monitor and identify the slow queries, queries consuming more CPU and input/output (I/O), top sessions, locks, and waits statistics in real-time.
  • Take preventive actions against bottlenecks and possible performance outages.
By monitoring and analyzing these essential query attributes, you can proactively enhance your SQL environment's efficiency and ensure effective operation.
Try our new Insight monitoring feature and please leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.
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