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New plugin integration to monitor your Aerospike Database


We are pleased to announce a new plugin integration to monitor your Aerospike Database.

Aerospike is a high-performance NoSQL database known for its speed and scalability. It's designed for real-time applications, offering low-latency data storage and retrieval, making it popular in advertising, finance, IoT, and gaming technologies.

Monitoring Aerospike is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, identifying issues early, and maximizing database availability. It helps prevent bottlenecks, latency, and resource problems, ensuring a reliable and responsive system for end users.

With the new plugin integration, you can:
  • Improve user experience and perform capacity planning: By tracking key metrics, including client connection metrics, spikes and drops can alert you to potential issues. Tracking connection trends over a period of time can also help with capacity planning, helping with scalability to deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Prevent system failures and optimize resource allocation: Monitoring memory percentages both at the system and namespace level helps you identify and address memory issues before they impact system stability. It allows you to allocate resources effectively, preventing memory-related performance bottlenecks.

Visit our GitHub repository and install the Aerospike Database monitoring plugin to track both your Aerospike system and namespace metrics.

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You can also build your own plugin in Linux or Windows to monitor any custom application, system, or service in your server.