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Maintain consistent time across servers using NTP Check

Hey there! 

We are glad to announce that Site24x7 has extended its Resource Check monitoring to support Server time drift monitoring with the latest Network Time Protocol (NTP) Check. This new feature helps you monitor your server clock drift, receive instant alerts, and ensure consistent time across your servers.

Why do you need NTP Check? 

Your applications might produce inconsistent reports and incorrect logs when your server time does not synchronize with the global internet time. This might lead to critical mishaps like the Microsoft outage in 2017 that affected many Windows machines. You can prevent this by using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) Check.

How does the NTP Check work? 

The NTP Check compares your server time with the NTP server time frequently and alerts you if the time difference exceeds the configured limit.

How do you configure NTP Check for your server? 

Follow these steps to configure NTP Check. Ensure that you use Windows Agent version 20.4.0 or above to get started.

NTP Check 

This feature provides more efficiency to your monitoring journey.

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The Site24x7 team