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Level-up your monitoring experience with the standout features of 2023!

As we bid farewell to another year, let's take a look back at the standout features that made waves in Site24x7's web client. These features not only elevated monitoring strategies but also contributed to a more refined monitoring experience for our users. To top it off, we offered game-changing third-party integrations to enhance operational efficiency.

1. Time-based Threshold Profile

By letting users fine-tune monitor thresholds based on business hours, the Time-based Threshold Profile feature brought a dynamic touch to the monitoring game. Because let's face it, the importance of performance thresholds changes as the clock ticks. Aligning alert thresholds with business hours means that the right users get informed about critical issues precisely when it matters most. 

2. Alarms Category

The Alarms Category feature stepped in to bring order to alerts. Simplifying the tedious task of organizing and managing alarms, this feature offers efficiency through its stellar sorting and filtering capabilities. The ability to send alerts from preferred email addresses adds a personal touch, ensuring the right individuals receive crucial messages. More than just categorizing alarms, this feature aims at elevating the overall user experience, contributing to smoother incident response and resolution times.

3. Text Widget for Network Monitors

The Text Widget for Network Monitors feature empowered users to delve into performance metrics by utilizing text attributes. For network monitors, agentless server monitors, and plugin monitors, users can access the performance counters value in a textual format in a custom dashboard. Whether users prefer individual text widgets for each value or a consolidated tabulated view, Site24x7 offers the choice for a more detailed and customized monitoring experience. 

4. Third-party integrations 

Our integrations with BigPanda streamlines incident handling, allowing users to swiftly resolve issues with ease. A new partnership with Splunk On-Call (formerly VictorOps) plays a key role in minimizing downtime by providing timely notifications. And through our collaboration with Freshservice, incidents are tracked more efficiently, contributing to the enhancement of our users' IT service management.

So here's to a year filled with monitoring upgrades! As we wrap up 2023, these features will continue to allow Site24x7's web client to deliver a more precise and efficient monitoring journey.