Monitor the performance of your IBM AS400/iSeries servers

Monitor the performance of your IBM AS400/iSeries servers


We are happy to introduce a new plugin integration to monitor the performance of IBM AS400/iSeries servers.

IBM iSeries is one of the most reliable and secure servers used by multiple enterprises across industries worldwide. The IBM AS400 comes with hardware, software, security, a database, and other components built in. It is robust, adaptable, and can easily incorporate new technologies. 

IBM AS400/iSeries is used by enterprises from industries such as banking, insurance, and manufacturing, where the uptime and performance of applications are business-critical. Site24x7's IBM AS400/iSeries plugin integration tracks server availability and performance, helping you to identify and fix issues before they affect end users. 

With the IBM AS400/iSeries monitoring plugin, you can:
  • Keep an eye on pool metrics like auxiliary storage pool (ASP) percentage, total ASP, and CPU percentage to make informed decisions on server capacity and performance, and avoid crashes. 
  • Get insights about jobs running in your system, including total jobs, number of active jobs, number of batch jobs, and active threads. Identify long-running jobs or too many jobs in job queues, and take action to improve server performance.
  • Track batch jobs and job queue metrics, such as batch jobs held in a job queue, batch jobs held while running, or jobs in an unassigned job queue.
  • View system metadata like system name, model, serial number, and version. 
  • Monitor message queues and track the increased number of jobs in queues so you can delete jobs as needed and optimize performance.  
IBM AS400/iSeries plugin metrics
See the list of metrics the plugin tracks and install the plugin to stay on top of your IBM AS400/iSeries server performance. 

We encourage you to check out our growing list of more than 100 plugin integrations to monitor your entire application stack.

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