Enhanced visibility into your MySQL database servers

Enhanced visibility into your MySQL database servers


Site24x7 offers out-of-the-box MySQL monitoring using the MySQL plugin to keep track of critical MySQL performance metrics.

With an enhanced UI and additional metrics, obtain better visibility into your MySQL environment with Site24x7 AppLogs integrated for log analysis.

Failover monitoring

Based on popular demand, we've also introduced failover monitoring for MySQL. With this, you can receive alerts each time there is a failover between master and slave database servers.

Performance metrics

The Summary, Table Metrics, InnoDB Metrics, Replication, and AppLogs tabs have been updated to provide hundreds of metrics for various categories such as:

  • Connections usage
  • Questions
  • Aborted clients and connections
  • Table locks waited
  • Query cache items
  • Handler
  • Read write
  • Read queries
  • Write queries
  • MyISAM key cache
  • Sort
  • Threads
  • Bytes received and sent
  • Table monitoring
  • Table cache
  • Created temporary tables
  • InnoDB
  • Replication
    MySQL table metrics

    MySQL InnoDB metrics

Install the plugin now and stay on top of your MySQL database servers. If you are already a Site24x7 MySQL monitoring user, check out the latest enhancements
and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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