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Digital transformation and cost savings: How AI benefits Australian SMEs to enhance digital experien

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in Australia's economy. Despite this, they face significant challenges in the current economic climate, including rising costs, higher interest rates, and the need to stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving digital market. For these businesses, cutting expenses is the top priority, closely followed by enhancing the digital customer experience.

Achieving growth without increasing costs

Today's CEOs and business leaders are focused on achieving growth without adding to expenses. They are driving productivity improvements through technological advancements. By embracing innovative digital solutions—such as integrated multichannel support, customized dashboards, automated processes, and insights powered by AI—businesses can achieve significant growth and cost savings. These strategies not only improve the digital customer experience and loyalty, but also free up valuable internal resources; positioning Australian SMEs for sustainable growth and a competitive edge.

Strategic importance of modernizing infrastructure

This shift in priorities has led to a focus on modernizing infrastructure and developing cloud strategies over the next five years. Upgrading technology infrastructure is now seen as a strategic necessity, not just an operational improvement. This modernization is essential for meeting customer expectations and speeding up digital transformation. It supports crucial IT applications that deliver value to both the business and its customers, ensuring that these systems are reliable and available to create positive digital experiences and build loyalty among both employees and customers.

Boosting AI and cloud adoption

Utilizing cloud technology allows for scalable and efficient resource management, while AI-driven insights enhance decision-making and customer experiences. The integration of AI in business operations and the expansion of IT operations across new intelligent applications have increased technological complexity and data demands. AI systems require robust data management and processing capabilities. As AI applications continue to develop, they generate more data, increasing the need for advanced analytics tools, better log management, and reliable storage solutions.

The role of cloud technology has evolved significantly. It has transitioned from a tool for data storage to a core component of digital transformation strategies. Advanced cloud solutions provide the flexibility to manage growing data and processing needs, offering scalable storage and computing resources. Currently, Australian SMEs use an average of four different cloud environments, highlighting the complexity of managing modern cloud infrastructures. Investment in AI by Australian SMEs is expected to rise sharply, and the share of workloads run on public cloud platforms is projected to increase in the near future.

The demand for interconnected applications

Modern digital businesses need more applications to meet their changing needs. These applications help automate tasks, streamline processes, provide insights from data, engage customers across various channels, and drive product and service innovation. As businesses continue to advance their digital capabilities, the importance of integrating these applications becomes critical to ensure smooth digital operations and avoid isolated systems. By utilizing a digital experience platform, SMEs can better manage these interconnected applications to deliver seamless digital experiences.

Ensuring digital resilience with AIOps

With the rise of AI and cloud technologies, managing IT operations has become more complex. AIOps (Artificial intelligence for IT operations) is a key strategy for maintaining digital resilience. AIOps uses machine learning and analytics to automate and enhance IT operations, ensuring that businesses can quickly respond to issues, optimize performance, and maintain the seamless digital experience that customers expect.
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