CloudSpend Product Roadmap for 2023

CloudSpend Product Roadmap for 2023

With the rising popularity of hybrid cloud strategy, businesses need ways to keep their spending in check. In an effort to move the data close to the customer and provide high availability, organizations have started adopting a multi-cloud strategy on an aggressive basis. AWS and Azure took up the lion's share of the market in 2022, with their expertise in providing IaaS but this has resulted in a disparate situation, with respect to cost estimation and control.

In 2022, with the release of support for Azure in CloudSpend, we saw an active interest in our customer base, as they had the ability to control costs at each department level across multiple cloud vendors, using appropriate Business Units. The ability to manage the customer accounts in their own preferred currency with our multi-currency support, gave the customers the ability to understand their spending in one single currency if their accounts were based out of multiple regions. With the ability to integrate with Site24x7 and its third-party integrations, we were able to give access to more than 20+ third-party integrations and almost 100+ automation capabilities. Adding to this, with the option to use the same role in Site24x7 to integrate in CloudSpend, the workflow of maintaining a single access point was achieved. Moreover, forecasting was brought into the Resource Explorer and Budgets, to give you a more in-depth view and control of the entire cost ecosystem.

With everything said and done, we are looking to 2023 with a lot of excitement. Here is a list of items expected from our side for the current year.

GCP Support

Post our successful launch of Azure CloudSpend in 2022, we are planning to expand our multi-cloud story moving forward with support for GCP.

Anomaly Detection

We have this at the top of our lists for the year 2023. We are planning to focus on detecting anomalies in an automated way that is pivotal to holistically controlling costs.

Resource Inventory

We plan to offer a detailed view of resource utilization. You'll be able to slice and dice utilization levels in each category. Joining this with cost estimation can give you the power to right-size your resources.

Mobile app 

We are looking forward to releasing the first version of the mobile app for CloudSpend to make your cloud cost optimization much easier! This enables you to check updates and stay current with the latest account details from any location, at any time.


Though we are providing a platform to slice and dice all the data and configure budgets, we are planning to go one step higher and provide actionable trends with a multi-cloud focus.

Coverage Reports

Though there are various ways to optimize cost in each cloud ecosystem, do we provision or use them more efficiently? Most of the time, we tend to overspend for RI or Savings Plans and it’s pretty hard to get an idea on the move. We will be concentrating on this aspect with these reports. 

Along with the aforementioned items, we have other plans like integration across our existing ManageEngine ecosystem and other report tools preferred by our customers, on-premise asset billing support, and many more. Based on the customer preference and priorities, we will give them higher weightage to concentrate more on those. 

Our roadmap is subject to change based on market trends as well, but our focus to provide you with the best possible product experience based on feedback remains steadfast.

Check out our Site24x7 RoadMap for all the exciting releases from our other products. Here's to a happy 2023!

Team ManageEngine CloudSpend.