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Guarantee uninterrupted Azure monitoring by updating your client secret expiry dates

Hi there!

We are elated to announce an important update to improve your Azure monitoring experience with Site24x7. To ensure continuous tracking and data collection for your Azure resources, it's essential to keep your client secret up to date.

Why is it important to update? 

It is highly important to keep your client secret up to date because when the client secret expires, the Site24x7's Azure monitor can no longer track your Azure resources.

Suppose you have 14 Azure virtual machines that you are monitoring using Site24x7. One day, you realize that data collection has stopped for unknown reasons. Upon investigating, you discover that data collection halted because you have not updated your client secret for a long time and it expired a week earlier, causing your resources to go untracked.

To prevent this, we offer proactive notifications and an easy and straightforward update process for your client secret.

What's new?

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to update your client secret expiry dates. This means you will receive alerts well before your client secret expires, ensuring uninterrupted Azure resource monitoring and timely data collection.

How to update 

Visit our
help page to learn how to update your client secret expiry dates.

Stay ahead and update your client secret expiry dates today to keep your Azure environment secure and continuously monitored.

Happy monitoring.

The Site24x7 team.