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Breaking down network complexities with network mapping

Is it possible for network engineers to gain complete visibility over all the components in an enterprise network? With new devices constantly connecting and disconnecting, creating a mental image of the entire network is impossible.

This is where network mapping comes in. Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), you can see a visual representation of your network and every connected device for an easy-to-understand look at your dynamic network. 

So how do you find the best network mapping tool for your network admin's arsenal? An ideal network mapping tool offers:

1. Automatic discovery of the entire network and the devices in it

2. Periodic scans to update the newly added devices

3. The ability to accommodate more devices as the network scales

4. Identification of devices with an issue, and easy troubleshooting

5. Identification of bottlenecks

6. Identification of connections to and the workings of your private network and remote work infrastructure

Site24x7's network mapping feature gives you the ability to organize devices hierarchically and geographically. Watch the video below to learn how you can visualize and customize network maps and optimize network performance using Site24x7.