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What makes Site24x7 the best network monitoring tool?

Network administrators may find it overwhelming to select the best network monitoring tool, but the search becomes a breeze when they know exactly what to look for: A network monitoring solution that's perfect for businesses big and small, where every detail is at your fingertips and you're always in the loop.

Site24x7 not only ticks all the right boxes, but it also adds value where it counts. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Site24x7 is designed to make network administration easier. Curious to see how? Dive in and discover the difference Site24x7 can make for your organization. 

What do network administrators need in a monitoring tool? 

Network administrators are on a constant quest to ensure their networks are not only performing optimally but are also secure from any potential threats. To achieve this, there are several key features they need to prioritize when selecting a network monitoring tool. 

Let's dive into what makes a tool stand out according to the network administrators:

  1. AI-driven analytics: Enables a network monitoring tool to learn and adapt to the normal threshold conditions for any metric. This innovation elevates clarity and ensures precision in real-time analysis.
  2. Automation for routine tasks: Enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks. For example, in the event of network congestion, an immediate alert will be sent, enabling the selection of an alternative pathway and ensuring smooth operations.
  3. Advanced security features: Helps keep networks resilient by detecting unfamiliar devices connected to them, having device configuration backups that can be restored quickly, and staying on top of any firmware vulnerabilities that could put your system at risk.
  4. Cloud and hybrid environment monitoring: Ensures constant uptime across on-premises and cloud networks.
  5. Compliance and governance: Tracks adherence to the regulatory standards set by governing bodies and custom organizational policies.
  6. Enhanced visualization and reporting: Helps identify easily—through maps and dashboards—which devices are affected or at risk of going down.
Site24x7, which is designed to aid businesses in attaining network resilience, offers all this and more within its intuitive interface. By enhancing network observability, it enables organizations to monitor their network's health and performance more effectively. It facilitates better decision-making regarding network management, ensuring that businesses can maintain robust and reliable network operations.

Complete observability for networks of all shapes and sizes

Site24x7 offers a range of monitoring services that help you gain complete observability into your networks. Here is a small overview of all the features available in network monitoring: 

  1. Network availability and performance monitoring using SNMP that provides insights at the device and interface levels for more than 11,000 device types from 450+ vendors.
  2. Network traffic monitoring analyzes the flow of data across a network to gain insights into network behavior and traffic patterns.
  3. Network Configuration Manager (NCM) detects incorrect or unapproved device configuration changes, firmware vulnerabilities, and network compliance issues.
  4. VoIP monitoring and WAN monitoring using Cisco IP SLAs.
  5. Monitoring SDNs like Cisco Meraki and Cisco ACI (Beta)
Site24x7 provides network monitoring in both Windows and Linux environments. Our tool also integrates with other applications and displays data across layers in a single window, helping with root cause analysis. It also provides other useful features like network maps, including a Meraki Map view, to visualize and understand your networks' dynamics at any time. 

No stress about acquisitions or empty roadmaps

Your search for the best network monitoring tool ends here. Given the history of network monitoring tools being acquired or shut down, Site24x7 stands out as a stable and secure option in the ever-changing monitoring landscape. With over 16 years of research and development—and backed by the customer-centric culture of Zoho and ManageEngine—Site24x7 prioritizes customer feedback to deliver a convenient solution that fits businesses of all sizes and shapes. 

Here are some features of Site24x7 that set it apart from its competitors.

Compliance and security

Site24x7 provides comprehensive security measures, including physical data center security, access management, distributed grid architecture, secure server machines, and DDoS protection. It also incorporates an OWASP-based application security framework, SSL/TLS support, in-house KMS services, and the AES-256 encryption standard to ensure the security of customer data both in transit and at rest. Furthermore, the security standards, information security controls, and PII processing undergo strict audits to comply with industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and GDPR. Site24x7 also has data centers located in the US, European Union (EU), India, China, Australia, and Japan. 

Deep customizability

Site24x7 excels not only in network monitoring but also provides digital experience, DevOps, and other ITOM solutions such as infrastructure and cloud monitoring capabilities. You can use our custom dashboards to view data as required in your organization, rely on anomaly detection to identify issues in any of these modules, and receive alerts in any channel as needed using our extensive third-party integration support.

Dedicated customer support

If you've explored multiple tools before discovering Site24x7, you're likely already familiar with the remarkable difference a dedicated and responsive customer support team makes. We are your committed allies, always ready to help whenever you need us.

Scalable and incredibly cost-effective

Site24x7 doesn't just lower the expenses of monitoring your network; it also tackles the often-overlooked costs of downtime. So, if you're looking to enhance your bottom line while keeping network woes at bay, Site24x7 might be the solution you've been searching for. Start a 30-day free trial if you think Site24x7 is the best monitoring tool for your networks.