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Introducing hassle-free integrations of AWS accounts with Site24x7

Site24x7 now supports AWS IAM Identity Center which enables you to effortlessly integrate multiple AWS accounts with Site24x7. The AWS IAM Identity Center helps you create or connect workforce users and centrally manage their access across all their AWS accounts and applications.

You can set up all your AWS accounts with a single sign-on and experience a smooth integration with IAM Identity Center. Using this approach, you can integrate multiple AWS accounts with Site24x7 simultaneously. 

Integrating your AWS account using IAM Identity Center provides these benefits:
  • Seamlessly add multiple AWS accounts from an organization to Site24x7 with single sign-on.
  • Manage all integrated AWS accounts from a single location.
  • Enhance productivity and user satisfaction with a set of AWS IAM Identity Center user credentials that integrate multiple AWS accounts into Site24x7.

Refer to our help documentation to learn more about enabling access to your accounts using IAM Identity Center.
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The Site24x7 team