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2023: An exciting year for infrastructure monitoring

This has been an exceptional year in the digital space. The tech space has improved by leaps and bounds, like the entry of quantum computers by IBM, and so have we! Let's look back at 2023 to see the interesting additions we made to help you observe your IT infrastructure better.

Your servers (both on-premises and cloud) are the foundational stones of your IT architecture. We launched numerous features that allow you to monitor your server health down to the CPU-core level. Here is a glimpse of the new metrics you can monitor with Site24x7: CPU utility, CPU utilization by each core, number of input/output operations happening on the disk per second, disk read/write latency, and so much more. Our server monitoring agents have gotten faster, more robust, and less resource hungry

Our feature releases always revolve around you. Responding to your requests, we added close to 20 new reports, such as the Windows Failed Update Report, which provides a list of all your Windows Server instances that couldn't be updated to the latest version. We value security at the highest regard, so we enhanced our reports to include pending patches for Windows Server. With enhanced monitoring capabilities for various Linux distributions like Red Hat, CentOS, AIX, Solaris, and many more, your IT infrastructure is safer with Site24x7.

In 2023, we witnessed a surge in the demand for monitoring tools capable of effectively managing edge infrastructure and databases, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. As promised in our product roadmap for 2023, we introduced MySQL database monitoring, but we didn't stop there. What started with SQL servers and MySQL databases expanded to MySQL NDB clusters, and then a customer favorite: Microsoft SQL Insight (Microsoft SQL databases). Now, you have a bird's-eye view of your data, right from the database server's performance to query-level metrics, rendering holistic visibility.

Log management has been tricky, even for well-established businesses. So we released log management support for more than 100 log types, including custom log types and a generous log retention period. As a centralized log management solution for an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments, we introduced log forwarding from Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a part of Google Cloud, enabling comprehensive log monitoring across AWS, Azure, and GCP within a single platform.

The widespread adoption of container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes brought both opportunities and challenges. With these in mind, we evolved to provide specialized insights into containerized environments, addressing the unique demands of managing microservices architectures. We expanded our portfolio to enable our customers to view and manage the event logs of their clusters, pods, and nodes. 

We also have expanded our monitoring capabilities to include MicroK8s cluster monitoring. Our comprehensive set of dashboards with in-depth analysis into the clusters, nodes, pods, deployments, replica sets, and all the workloads has enabled IT teams to level up their container management and ensure optimal availability of their Kubernetes resources. 

We made significant strides in plug-in integrations with a series of enhancements that streamlined the user experience and broadened our plug-in offerings. Navigation is simpler and each plug-in in the web client is accompanied by inline installation documentation. Additionally, a Help Assistant section was introduced to troubleshoot installation errors, offer quick solutions, and facilitate ticket creation for seamless issue resolution. 

Notably, our plugin repository expanded and we kick started the feature of bulk installation using Ansible for MongoDB. New releases this year included multiple plugins for database custom queries for improving IT operations like Windows Performance Counters and Windows Scheduled Tasks, and additions such as Aerospike database, MSMQ, LiteSpeed, and more.

In 2023, we alerted on nearly 10 million server outages before they affected end customers. This has been an exciting year for us and rewarding for our customers. Keep an eye on our community page for our 2024 product roadmap because we are building even more exciting and robust tools to provide you with end-to-end observability—because we are not settling for anything else. 

Happy monitoring! 
Team Site24x7